The OnceOff Group founders are “Loving” their latest venture Logo Red on Whitre Background

The entrepreneurial Mc Donnell brothers David and Micheal accompanied by co-founding partner and long term friend Mr Shane Clarke are expanding their every growing business presence online.

The Brothers and Mr Clarke own the quietly successful OnceOff Group which caters to the luxury needs of HNWI in over 35 countries worldwide. The OnceOff group has significant networks in the HNW realm of society and their members hale from areas such Banking, Hedge Fund Management and new wealth created from entrepreneurial ventures.
The group also has online and offline partnerships with some of the world’s most famous luxury brands such as Sunseeker Yachts and Graffe Diamonds to mention two.

Now that the group has a foot hold in online luxury goods space they have made a surprising move to the broader market of online fashion with their market place for online sales.

The fitting name of the new company is the company is partnering with the world’s most sought after and trusted retail online brand names to create a sales aggregator system which will give consumers “the world of brand name sales in one website.”

The Team behind Loving The Sales says “The mission behind all the companies is, give the customer what to want and most of all make sure they are happy”.
That’s quite a simple way of doing business guys?
“Yes, A happy customer is a good customer such is life my friend”
Brief and to the point as always The OnceOff Team now expanding with Well done guys and all the best from all here at The Group.

Micheal Mc Donnell
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